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>> Target

To inform patients about the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the brain and spine that are related to the neurosurgical specialty.

>> Modern surgical techniques

 They are related to brain surgery such as:

-  Use of Neurosilver to remove skull base tumors such as brain meningiomas as well as stereotactic biopsy of intraparenchymal tumors (Neuronavigation)

-  Endoscopic binaral removal of pituitary tumors

-  Embolisation of brain aneurysms by an interventional radiologist

-  Microsurgical treatment of brain aneurysms using an endoscope

They concern Minimal Invasive Spine Surgery :

- Endoscopic discectomy

- Transdermal fusion

- Spinal and thoracic spinal and lateral accesses such as ALIF, XLIF, DLIF.

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