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Embolism of brain aneurysms by an interventional radiologist

Brain aneurysm is created at points in the cerebral arteries where their wall either has a structural defect or receives increased blood pressure. They are usually sago-shaped like a sack that develops in the wall of the artery.
Aneurysm of the brain presents a risk of rupture and bleeding in the brain which can have severe consequences for the patient. For this reason, once a brain aneurysm is diagnosed, it should be treated as soon as possible.
The treatment is now with Embolism, which is the first choice internationally, where the skull does not open, but through the femoral artery a very fine microcatheter is guided into the brain and its end is placed in the aneurysm bag. Small embolization microsurgery is then pushed into the aneurysm until it is completely blocked and blocked from the bloodstream.

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